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  1. really? everyone was always on when i was. i hate doing this. it takes too long. lol
  2. lol i liked flas chat though i never could catch anyone on there
    to talk lol but it was a cool idea
  3. i posted like 20 times yesterday. i wish they still had flashchat...
  4. i get on around then but i dont really post much but today i must have posted atlest 15 times lol if not 20 i loike to just relax and read but today had some intresting things
    to chat on
  5. you too. i'm on at like 2 am most of the time. lol.
  6. lol yeah it sucks was just being random since im not the only night person up though i think sleep just holds you back anyway hope your night goes good
  7. ummmm... hi? lol. (damn fifty character limit thingy)
  8. just droping by to say hi so ummmm HI!! lol talk to you
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