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  1. well do you know how to somehow magicly stop friends to get me involved with a angry girl who bites and scratches realy hard because they asked them out (whitch i hope was a joke) he somehow drags me into it by triking me (im not good in english so yea)
  2. That is interesting, but why tell me, do you think there is anything I can do.
  3. my head hurts??? (i dont know how i get draged into everything)
  4. hay wana be friends. and i've had 1 question i've been asking some people. what is the true meaning of destiny? does everyones destiny end the same or is there a unique path? give me your thoughts on this pleaz
  5. By second ending do you men the ova to the series "Next Season" how did you get that and where can I get it.
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