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  1. yeah sometimes it does get boring but its ok. i also feel bad sometimes cuz my friends are either working or are already in college. it even make me feel restless. but i have to be patient and enjoy the good times now. i heard that college sucks up your time. What job are you looking to do after you're done?
  2. Nice. Does it get boring after awhile having all that free time? I always find I can't fill it. I'm getting ready to go back to school in the summer. Next year will be my last year of university. Yay! Can't wait to be done and do stuff with my life.
  3. I haven't been doing much. i decided to take a break of school when i graduated. i'm going next fall. i usually spend my time at home and on the internet and playing video games. not working at the moment either. not that i'm a lazy person though.
  4. Not too bad. Haven't heard from you in a while. How've you been?
  5. Hi, hows it going? ^^
    apparently I have to type more than 50 words so i'm just going to type this..
  6. Omg how can you not have a tv? Doesn't it get boring? Well you do have the internet I guess. And you have a computer. With me, I always use my psp cuz I don't have a computer. Its sucks cuz of too much page info when moving from different pages, I also can't write much to reply, and I can't watch videos.
  7. Well, let's see...Canada's big, open...well, big and open. Not much to say. I like it. No I didn't see that conference thing; I don't watch a whole lot of news 'cause I don't have a T.V.
  8. Oh wow so you live there? How is it like there? I assumed you were here in the US.
    Oh did you see that speech recently with the Iranian guy? Canada just walked out on him. I thought that was funny lol

    Good luck with school! ^_^
  9. Ya, I was born here and grew up here. My grandparents are originally from Ireland, but I've never been there (darn!). I still have some Irish roots in me: my hair has a reddish tint in it and I love celtic music. Ya, a lot of Canadians are pretty weird, but I guess that's what makes us interesting...
  10. Cool. I wish I could go to Japan someday. My sister so had a chance to go but my parents ****ed it up for her. And well I'm not mexican but my parents are from el salvador so you'd think I'd have a chance to go to another country but no. I've been living in Washington DC my whole and its funny cuz I never go anywhere here XD
    I have a friend who is canadian. He is so odd but I guess it makes him unique. I mean we have the same interests like anime and jrock. Were you born in Canada?
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