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  1. Nice! I'm taking TESL with my degree and luckily a few of the Linguistics courses are required for the certificate. Life drawing sounds so cool! I have a friend who took it. She had a lot of trouble drawing the male nude model for obvious reasons lol. Come to think of it, I don't think I could, either. I've gotta finish off my one course on colour theory. Only a few more assignments to go.
  2. ESL courses are awesome I hear! I want to teach ESL but I need my bachelor's degree first. I'm currently taking courses for my associate in applied sciences for graphic design then, I'm gonna transfer and go after my bachelor degree in fine arts. ^_^
    Life drawing is awesome! We get to draw people and sometimes nude models come in. We learn a lot about anatomy. It's pretty rad.
  3. (no you didn't ask). I'm taking Linguistics with a TESL certificate. What are you taking? What's life drawing like? I never got to take it 'cause there's pre-req's for it, which I don't wanna take.
  4. That's cool. What are you majoring in? (I don't recall ever asking you )
  5. Not too much with me either. I'm going back to university in the summer, so I'm preparing for that, figuring out which courses I need, etc. I got a decent scholarship, though, so that's pretty exciting.
  6. Aside from classes, nothing really.

    Well... Actually, I made a new friend in my life drawing class--a fellow manga artist. ^_^ Other than that, it's just the same ol' stuff. It's just in a different room now. LOL. How about yourself? What's new with you?
  7. Hey, how're you doing? Anything interesting happening lately?
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