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  1. Oh not much I skiped school yesterday to be with my bf we been having 2 hr delays. lol
  2. eh, not too much. Just work, school, and babysitting siblings. What about you?
  3. Hey how have you been anything new going on with you?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  4. Oh yeah being in charge is awesome!!!!!!!!! Yeah I am bored to I can't wait to get out of school and hangout with my boyfriend hehe.
  5. Sounds like fun. Well, my mom just left this morning and now I'm in charge of the house...and the siblings. They're at school right now, so I'm pretty bored. Maybe I'll watch a movie or something...
  6. Omg I so can't wait to get home so I can Hangout with my boyfriend hehe were going to a foot ball game at 7:30 its ganna be fun were going to go hangout with our friends. Final Fantasy VII cool ummm idk if I saw that one or not.
  7. Sounds like you have a lot of guy friends. That's good though. I don't have any guy friends, who knows why, probably because there are no really interesting guys my age in this town lol. Anyway, yeah babysitting should be fun. We're probably going to have a few movie nights this weekend and me and my sister have to finish watching Final Fantasy VII, which we've seen a hundred million times.
  8. Yeah I am its kinda okay for right now I have alot of old exs like me and having cruses on me. No I get out 2:35 and i am in high school. Awww baby sitting thats always fun I love baby sitting. This weekend I am just ganna be hanging out with A few friends I stayed up night last night with one of my friends thats an ex and he still likes me lol. but he is really sweet thou he lives in KY. thou.... sadly....
  9. Sorry to hear that you broke up with you fiance. So now you're dating someone you know? That's getting into a relationship really quickly, at least in my opinion. But that's coming from someone who's never had a boyfriend, so I wouldn't know haha. 2:35 sounds kinda early, or is that for college? I don't like afternoon classes at university, but they're not as bad as night classes. I'm taking a year off, though, so I don't have to worry about that (yay). Anyway, I'm babysitting my 4 younger siblings this weekend, so I'll probably be taking it easy. I'm taking a painting course, so I gotta keep up with that and get my assignment done this week. How 'bout you?
  10. Owwwwie that gata hurt I was in so much pain when I had mine taken out lol. Ewwie tats can't be good then lol. Well My fiance Zach I broke up with him cause of the fighting and yelling I couldn't take it any more he was that only boyfriend I really ever fought with so it was weird so I ended it and him and I are still friends I guess but We don't talk to each other any more really. I have a new Boyfriend though he one of my best friends that I knew for a long time so we both know each other ever well. Yeah I am at school I don't get out till 2:35 sadly lol I wish this day would end lol. So you have any plans for this weekend??
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