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  1. hey miss you wish too hear from you again would love too talk with you for once since its been a while
  2. Hey this is Doug I miss you wish we could talk again see you on facebook
  3. hey since I'm hardly on here any more I am going to be on facebook from now on maybe if you are worried about me.
  4. Ok. (: Talk to you then .
  5. its fine and I love you too and thats all I wanted to know and I'll be on later when I get home so we can talk ok.
  6. Yeah, sorry about that. I've been really busy the past few days so I've pretty much just been checking my stuff and replying to them later. So, yeah, I'm sorry about not replying. xo Love you. (:
  7. Hey whats wrong you haven't been responding to my messages lately.
  8. Hey cool your on how are you I probibly won't be on when I get home because I'm having a yard sale.
  9. Well my day hasnt been the greatest thats for sure. lol but no problem really. and no i dont start school for like another 3 weeks
  10. Well hey I see you are on how are you doing you back in school yet I am.
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