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  1. Hey can I see them if thats alright with you and when I get back to school next week I'll be looking for more pictures to add to my albums.
  2. really? thats so sweet. (: -hugs and kisses- .
  3. well i dont really have an idea of what we should talk but you should drawing and it reminded me that i made an awesome anime drawing last night (:
  4. oh yeah and I did make a social group just for the 2 of us.
  5. yeah so is there anything you want to talk about I'm drawing blanks about what to say.
  6. yeah basically (: and well im on now .
  7. oh not much just waiting for you to be on is all so is that why you left.
  8. yeah sorry my computar is messed up today. so whats up (:
  9. So you want to talk because I'm on if you want to.
  10. Hey are you sure I'm not on because I think I am. so you doing ok.
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