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  1. well i just got back on and unfortunatly your not ): .
  2. hey are you on right now?
    and don't forget I will always be here if you need me.
  3. I love you too Doug (: .
  4. Yeah I hope so to and I love you jasmine talk to you soon.
  5. ok thats good (: -hugs- hopefully we'll both be on at the same time again real soon
  6. Its ok just ask if you ever need it again ok it doesn't bother me if I have to give it to you again.
  7. ok thanks :] i wont lose it this time lol well ill try my hardest not to anyway o.o
  8. Alright thats fine here it is 706-372-6430 and its my cell number.
  9. i live in new york but not the city not anywhere near the city i live more towards buffalo and i got to go but im gonna need your number again cuz i completely lost the paper i had it written down on
  10. Alright so just one question where do you live. just want to know.
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