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  1. kool. todays my last day so ill be home early. and i got to go to work with my ma. and yea my birthday was june 5th lol but thats ok
  2. So how you been and hey when was your birthday so if I missed it.
  3. Yeah I'm already out I'm just at home looking for someone to talk to.
    And hey I guess I finally caught you on.
  4. heyy :] whats up? tomarrows my last day at school. are you out already?
  5. lol yup but I only have 3 more days left I get out on Tuesday thank GOD! Summer just doesn't come soon enough where I live lol :]
  6. Well thats good hey I'm actually out of school for the summer but you seem to still be in school.
  7. aww ty :] im doing real good on all my vocabulary so hopefully i do good on the rest of it :]
  8. Well I'll be praying for you that you do good on it.
    Good luck!
  9. well i am but your not but thats ok :] i still got to do an exam its 2 hours long x[ its my spanish exam though
  10. Well are you on right now.
    And I had to deal with exams is why I couldn't get on and talk much.
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