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  1. heyy! its been awhile whats up? hey message me ok? :] and i missed you too
  2. Hey sorry about not being on talking to you I've really missed you and I hope we can talk to each other soon.
  3. hey nothing much everythings going fine now that im not grounded anymore xDD
  4. Well hey girl whats up I miied you so much how you been.
  5. mmk ^-^ see ya tomarrow i mean talk to ya tomarrow lol
  6. Sure see you then bye.
    Jazzy see you tomorrow ok.
  7. yea just a little but im used to it :P lol hey i got to go my moms yellin at me already so ill talk to you tomarrow
  8. You have homework on the weekends I know that has to suck a whole lot.
  9. well lucky you we have homework almost everyday even on the weekends :P
  10. Well I don't have homework on wensdays at all so I can get straight on the computer.
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