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  1. nice! lol i dont think ive ever been on that long :P lol but i probably would have if i was home then. i didnt get home till 6 and i had to do chores and homework.
  2. So how it been going I've been on since 5.
    Talking to my friends.
  3. mmk well i just sent you a pm and im glad to see you on too
  4. Ha how are you I'm on so you can pm me ok.
    And glad to see you on.
  5. ummm.... :\wat kinda music do u like? do u listen to like akon and stuff or sumthin else?
  6. Is there anything you would like to ask me that might interest you.
  7. Well thats ok I just wanted to see if you watch a pertty good bit of it.
  8. i dont watch naruto much anymore i cant even remember the last time i watched it.... :\
  9. I've almost got to see all of the naruto shows but I missed a few of them.
  10. yes i love both of them! naruto got me hooked on anime and i no like everything about inuyasha
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