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  1. its not really a secret it is weird i just got this weird feeling about it. As soon as i talked about it too you i felt like you have knowledge of it and this was before i said anything about it to you i felt like you already have had it done and over with. I know your not fiinished yet. but i do feel that you are like me you like it but your not all crazy about it you wont go around and do it to everyone ya know? hey that is mean...i thought we were best buddies already??? =[
  2. Gosh dang-it! I wanna know how you know!!! Please tell me!! :] I'll be your best friend forever. :]
  3. You would never have guessed how i knew. I just knew lets say that ha ha =D twice now huh? wow thats pretty good i think. still tho it is pretty messed up that it happened anyway...i feel pretty bad about it but if you say it is ok then alright ill go with that. yah i still havent had that chance yet. Im hoping soon the opportunity presents it self soon, if not later x]
  4. oh lol well its over and done with im never ever gonna see him again hes never been caught and its too late now cuz i was 7 the last time i saw him so yea. but i have had sex willingly like twice so now i really cant consider myself one :] lol but hey, i know sometimes its obvious, but how did you know?
  5. Thats ok there is nothing wrong with being one in the first place really it doesnt matter and age sure is no problem anyway. But i mean unwilling is kinda ****ed up well alright its very messed... i didnt want to say that word again on here lol. But im sorry honestly i am sorry...tell you the truth i already knew you werent it is me tho. Dont worry it isnt a big deal honestly it really isnt but that is a big deal im not very fond of somone being taken unwillingly (i dont mean im not fond of you im pissed at the one that took you =D)
    anyway that really sucks tho im sorry about that
    Oh btw i am experienced but im still one tho =D
  6. well no im not a virgin :/ but it wasnt willing. 3 times. buuut i still dont consider myself a virgin because ive still had the experiance
  7. Of course i am still i dont mind being one and hey just cause i am doesnt mean i am not experienced =D Im serious tho i know alot even tho i am one. Plus i am a bit picky about it i am waiting for the right one to come along and take it from me but im not exactly waiting either tho i am also looking but i am not trying to get rid of it im just waiting lol but yah and so what are you saying are you not one? i mean if you arent that is cool but are you?
  8. ARE YOU SAYING YOURE STILL A VIRGIN?!?!?!?! gosh... i mean wow, i thought youd be experienced x]
  9. ha ha ha details are allways fun lol nah i can give good details im good at that its one of my specialties but i isnt somthing to be proud of until i am able to experience it lol. so whats up jazzy? how you been? isnt it funny that we have 2 different converses going? lol =]
  10. xD lol i meant i dont wanna know about other peoples sex lives thats their own private business lol i mean ill know if theyve had sex or not but i dont want to know details :] and yes i will being doing that sometime in the future
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