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  1. yah exactly that is what i heard but i didnt hear much tho i turned that t.v right back up and went to sleep lol. you dont wanna know that? but yet you are gonna be doing it yourself when you get up there im sure. ha ha ha same here when that time comes around and presents itself to me. not yet tho so i have to wait til then lol. it was funny tho she moans very loud right over the t.v. lol oh sorry... you dont want to hear that do you lol im sorry about that is was just funny is all lol =]
  2. let me guess. you heard sex sounds... >.< i hate that lol cuz to me its just gross when i hear it cuz i dont wanna know that shit
  3. Lol its ok i dont mind whatever ya know. lol. Been good huh? thats good to hear yah i have been fine. I got my new headset :] i ordered it off ebay and i have it and it only cost me $10 and it is really good just as good as a turtle beach headset and those things cost over $300 :O its way too much money to spend on a pair of headphones shit for that i would just go deaf instead of paying for that lol ok not really i love sounds lol. I spent the night at my friends and i slept on the couch and his door was only like 15 ft away from the couch and it is hard to keep sounds low in there and his girl came over and everyone went to bed but me watched tv so like what happened was one of my friends came into the living room and turned the tv up hella loud then said goodnight and went back t his roo ( 5 of my friends live in this house lol X]) anyway it was maybe a couple hours later and it was barely 4 and i decided to turn the volume on the tv down cause it was loud lol an as soon as i turned it down i heard some shit i wasnt ready to hear or in otherwords i didnt expect it and i turned the tv up all the way and fell asleep like that lol XD
  4. oh lol well i dont know exactly what i expected still and ive been good what about you?
  5. lol ha ha ha yah im in college now lol i have been for almost a year now but yah thankyou for that comment that means much but im hella curious now what do you mean wasnt what i look like? im a little hard on understanding that at the moment lol dont worry too much im only curious but hey you are much beautiful then i imagined it too be so what have you been up too hm?
  6. well idk really what i was expecting but it wasnt what you look like :] actually a lot cuter than i expected and WHAT?? your in collage?? i didnt know that
  7. What did you expect if i may be so bold to ask you? lo im a tall cutie huh? lol ha ha ha yah but hey you beautiful tho so dont worry about your appearance it is damn good.
    Anyway lol im gonna be gone so if i dont message you for a day or so i am sorry about that i really apologise for that lol but i have to go back home for a few days ok 4 days to be exact. you didnt know i was in college did you? lol yah i am anyway talk at you lat ha ha but thankyou for the cute comment it is sweet of you ty :]
  8. eh twitter definatly aint nothing specail so i wouldnt get one unless you want too. lol and yea ur kinda cute i mean not like i expected but cute :] lol
  9. WTF? TWITTER!?!?!?!?! why? lol all i hear on the radio is twitter lol idk wtg that is lol except the fact it is a place in resemblance to myspace and a couple others but still ha ha ha TWITTER??? lol nah just playing.
    ok now that you have seen me whatcha think? am i....Handsome? ha ha ha nah lol im normal lets say that ok not a bit big on the height. weight...ah im pretty good wieght for my size. im trying to be active by working out everynight running anf lifting wieghts and stuff like that but im unsure if it is working...unless... hm that ball around my arm has gotten bigger...i wonder lol ha ha i have gotten bigger lol yah thats right.

    So what you been up too?
  10. sweet ill definatly look you up on myspace i dont got yahoo or msn but i have aim and meebo and i have a twitter so if you got one you can look me up just look up jazzyv69 and i got my pics on my myspace and i was kindaa wondering what you looked like too and i dont mind long messages much cuz i love long messages x] lol
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