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  1. Nope dont worry the truth is Jazzy is fine i like it i dont mind calling you jazzy i really dont. I have no problem with it. So Jazzy how are you doing? How come you dobt get online much? So yah dont worry Jazzy i like your name it is Nice. Dont worry about it. But yah get online more tho
  2. yea i like that name. why is it weird? lol you can tell me the truth i dont care much lol
  3. Jazzy? you like that name? well ok because you said so i will ok. so how are you doing?
  4. hey nice to meet you too :] my names jasmine but call me jazzy plz
  5. Hi its nice to meet you my name is michael may i ask your name?
  6. kool lol and no i didnt make it up i found it on
  7. nice to meet you. yah i really do like it i actually memorized it to cause its that cool. did you come up with it?
  8. thanks i think its a good way to say things too lol btw my name is jasmine lol
  9. lol i like your bio tho one that says cant stand me then sit down i like that. that is a good way to say so whats up my name is michael nice to meet you.
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