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  1. lucky (: i would love to be partying. i did go to a party like thing like last weekend. (:
  2. its been alright i can say ive been partying
  3. true (: lol so whats up? hows your summer going? hope its been good (:
  4. no, we're not even in the same state.
  5. lol yea that would be kool though. i live in new york. do you live anywhere near there?
  6. we may live near each other and just don't know it.
  7. wow thats weird thats my last day too. and i hear watch your saying its about time summer came around
  8. june 16, i can't wait to get out so i can lay in bed and watch televison.
  9. oh whens your last day? i only got 4 more days and im done :] well good luck with school anyway :]
  10. nothing much just getting to class.
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