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  1. ....okay.... lol ur so weird sumtimes -hugs- but thats okay!! lol... im hyper.......
  2. Haha I'll call you that again.
  3. xD thats great!! cuz i soo enjoy being called punk face! lol jk -huggles-
  4. Hello punkface! xD 'tis a compliment.
  5. Im good!! Yeah, Ive been pretty busy with school and friends and chores and the family and stuff. Im pretty much just trying to love life and get along well with everything...=/ lol
  6. Haha yeah, how are joo? Busy?
  7. ^_^ lol Yeah, I know. I miss you, you dont talk to me as much as you used too... =P
  8. Haha that's ... good to know. XD
  9. Ive been doing pretty good! ^_^ Except in school, but thats besides the point... lol
  10. Hehe I'm not bad, how about you? ^_^
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