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  1. yea... lol so whats up?? hows that puppy of urs? ^_^ lol :P
  2. #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya thats right
    its kind of boring other wise
  3. ooo yea well school is always boring for me except lunch, reading hour, and activity hour on fridays... lol
  4. ok not bad
    just boring nothing intresting to do at school these days
  5. oooooh! well that makes ^_^ how was urs btw? i never got a chance to ask....
  6. becaus eits my first time back in my school as well
    that why i know
    di dida
  7. lol yea ummm... it wa good but i hate skool so... yea lol btw how'd you no today was my first day back to school??
  8. ya you are right.
    so the school opend right
    how was the fist day back at school
  9. i see well thats how almost evry ones parents are lol
  10. my parents are nice some times they are not
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