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  1. well ok hope that works out for you and all k well ttyl k
  2. nm...just poking around the web and about to go trim up a tree of extra branches so grandma can see out her window better!
  3. Santanna Wolski please and thank ya so what is new with ya
  4. Btw I talked to lisa and she asked what the name of the friend your talking about is. So could ya tell me and I'll tell her or whatever? She's in Kentucky now and the number I gave ya earlier won't get ahold of her anymore.
  5. Nah it's ok...I just don't have the time to return the books to the library! lol
  6. why what happened you can tell me and if you do not want the whole world to know then you can message me
  7. yeah I know...I just don't like to borrow from the library anymore...
  8. i didn't buy it either i checked it out of the public library and if they do not have you can order it from them to get another library to send it to you how cool is that and it doesn't cost you a dime
  9. it seems really good...I just don't have the money!
  10. i started 5 days ago and i finished yesteday so it took me 4 days i was reading nonstop i didn't even want to go to sleep i wanted to keep reading i mean it hooked me i loved it
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