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  1. I am doing good thx how have u been? I got a new job and lots has happend and its been awhile last I been on here lol.
  2. hey dark angel sorry its been awhile i had many problems, whats up are you doing alright
  3. Just talk to her. Zach and I broke up because he was being a jerk to me and cause I still have feelings for someone else so just talk to her. That's all u can do really..
  4. I dont know, i guess she hates me, she thinks im doing something.
  5. Awe why not what happen???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????
  6. well then good for you i guess, dont really know how me and my girl would turn out, she hasnt talk to me anymore.
  7. Yeah I love how I feel I haven't felt this happy in awhile now and my heart is filled with love and joy now he is the best.
  8. thats cool, well i guess your life is turning out really great now.
  9. I'm back with Zach and now I feel supper dupper happy hehe
  10. hmm, yea i guess your right........ .... ....... .
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