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  1. Yeah, >.> I try to be mellow and stay cheerful and not let anything get me down any more if I do it's just to much for me. lol
  2. well thanks i guess, at least your on the good side so thats whats cool.
  3. Awe *hugs you* it will but okay *smiles* everything shall get better soon! ^^ Don't let nothing get you down. ^^
  4. well, just got dropped out of school, got problems with the economy, i have to help my family with work, now i work full-time working on cars as a mechanic, i dont know how it could get worse.
  5. Yeah ^^ I love it! hehe so what have u been up to?
  6. well looks like your life is turning out alright after all.
  7. I broke up with him and I haven't felt this good in so long this really helped me see how big of a jerk he truly was ^_^ and now I am free of him!

    I am not I am going to enjoy being single for a bit ^^ I haven't felt this good in awhile!

    y u say that?
  8. alright, hopefully things would get better for you, my life is just messed up.
  9. Well I post it so you can see it. ^_^
    In time it may get better.
  10. That sucks, looks like life isnt any better for you, well id like to see that peom.
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