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  1. I'm not really that emo................................
  2. Wow really? That's messed up I have a few friends that's emo / goth.
  3. well its really alot of things like a girl i used to know had gone away and alot of things ad happened in school, too much to explain. people actually stayed away from me thinking that im emo.
  4. Well me and my boyfriend been kinda stressed and he was gonna brake up with me on Friday when it happend but he didn't and he told me he loved me to much to and we talked and worked things out and everything is better now. So him and I are getting along better now. Today him and I are going to be hanging out later after he gos to see one of his friends he is picking me up and were going to his dads to see if his step mom is okay her sis has cancer and don't know if she is going to make it.... then go visit his grandparents. ^_^

    So... yeah thats a likl why mine was sucky..... waz wrong with you??
  5. yeah i know what you mean, my life also sucks too but i would just deal with it now.
  6. Well life sucks right now and it is getting to be very stressful... so I guess I'm okay.. Haven't made any new poems yet but I plan to work on one today.
  7. so darkangle, hows is life going for you, you doing all right, made any more poems of yours
  8. Yeah I put all my emotion into my poems and some based on other people or just from songs I listen to.
  9. Thats cool, depression and sadness poems, sounds cool.
  10. I write all kinds of poem mainly about love I use to write about depresson and sadness I write base on what I feel and just what comes to me. Nothing really coming to me right now.
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