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  1. really poems, what kind of poems, dark poems or stuff like that
  2. Oh well I am better at writing poems that to.......... ^^
  3. Oh okay well pratice will only get you better I perfur to sing and dance only thing I may be good at lol.
  4. well im learning i dont really know if im that good at guitars.
  5. Are you good at playing the guitar? I have a base guitar I don't really know how to play thou... Yeah me too I am mostly bores or with friends and the bf.
  6. not really i just do some work and playing with my guitar just stuff like that. im usually bored on weekends.
  7. Oh wow really do you have any of you drawings on ur pro?
  8. That's cool then. Well yeah that sounds like me. So anything going on with you this weekend?
  9. i like dark vampires too. I usually draw them all the time
  10. Hey jenny, yeah we can be friends, im usually interested in dark and depressing anime girls.
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