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  1. -glomps and tackles- yay! at least someone i know on here recently ^___^
  2. Yeah sorry that I haven' been on inna while, I've been playin' WoW and have made alotta good friends there. They make it kinda hard ta pull away lol. And we've got some horses here where I live too, so I've been busy wit that too. My life's gotten pretty interesting lately. Anywho, glad ta hear from ya. I'm gonna start stoppin' by a little more hopefully in the future, 'cause I miss this place
  3. hey mister mage.................long time no talk sorry have not dropped by soooner.......................
  4. Judgin' from his recent post, I think that he's an inquistive person who's jus' tryin' ta search for answers within the answers. I think that he has trouble phrasin' his words inna manner that allows him let others know that that is what he's tryin' ta do.
  5. i don'tknow if he is just closed his mind but he has a hmmmm different point of perspecitve .....
  6. Not Yet, but it's headin' our way and if u're talkin' 'bout Lonloky (or somethin' like that), I've about lost my patience wit him too. So u're not alone on that one
  7. Hey morning Mister Mage ! enjoying the debate lol sorry me i have lost my patience with the wha'ts his name lol.........lmao... ou didn't get hit by the storm did ya?
  8. Well, I've been on, jus' in the mornings. I'm usually busy later in the day, but drop me a line like u've been anyway. I love hearin' from u. Oh and P.S. Plz stop callin' me Mr. Mage, lol, I'm nowhere near that old or sophisticated.
  9. i try Mr mage!! lol long time no talk just been missing talking to you and LG is all.
  10. Lol, well good luck and I hope u enjoy every min of it.
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