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  1. Anytime Joker, usually people have the same thoughts, it just seems different when it's coming from another person

    lol Well in order to sound smart, you have to be smart.
  2. I never looked at it that way actually, and it makes a bit of since. Thanks for the advise either way though. And yeah, y'know, it's not until you talk about things like this with someone else that you get a whole new prospective on the subject....
    Wow i just sounded smart xD
  3. No need to thank me. In all honesty I probably helped myself out more than you considering i thought the same thing about guys. I probably still do to some degree but you know, if nice guys and nice girls were everywhere, we wouldn't cherish the ones that we come across as much because we see them all the time. So i guess, in a way, it's a good thing that there's not that many nice guys and girls out there.
  4. Wow, u actually took the time out to actually tell that to me.... thanx. means a lot
  5. lol "Good girls" just like "good guys" come few and far between. Not to mention girls feel the same way. You just need to realize that not all girls are like that.. omg, i need to take my own advice..

    Anywho, give it time. you'll come across a good one. ^^
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