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  1. sure .
  2. yeah, sure.
    he played me very well.
    now can u please, for the love of god...humanity itself...leave me alone!?
  3. haha, and yet you use HIS picture for your icon .

    fun .
  4. I've been JOKER since 2004, way before Heath Ledger was declared the Joker in Dark Knight, way before you ignorant ppl found out how cool Joker really is.
    So...Maybe YOU need to git a grip, and be yourself, instead of sumone the media has made cool in such a short time!
  5. well maybe you shouldn't go around stealing people's avatar, hmm?

    maybe you should do something better and go find your own identity!

    And MAYBE that person is me!

  6. okay!? someone already is pissed that i have an avatar that they had...plz get over it, I;m sure you have SOMETHING better to do then upset over lil ole me dude...
  7. Ugh!! I'm So Pissed You Stole My Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I had it first, tho.
  9. finders keepers lady! MEH~~~!...........MY AVATAR!
  10. You took my friggin avatar .

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