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  1. Let the games begin.
  2. Oh....well then I'm most definitely not changing my avatar. And just so you know, I intend to make ur stay here on AO a living hell until you change ur avatar. And trust me "I'm a man of my word."
  3. And didn't I say the next time we spoke you'd have a different avatar?
  4. oh, it's a demand.

    most definitely.
  5. One thing before I make my decision on question this a request, or a demand?
  6. Yes, yes you are the jokerman. HOWEVER! You must get another avatar seeing as how mines is ORIGINAL AND ITS MINE!!

    Get another one!

    Like, maybe..

    That one?


    This one?

    Or how bout....

    That one?

    Dude, you better pick one of those, I took my time to SEARCH! for 'em!

    The next time we have a conversation, I better see one of those pictures as your image.

  7. Heeyyyyyyyy! Ur not banned n e more. I was mad that u were banned, i thought it was 4 good. I even complained about it to the AO mods. ehehehe, and Hey, I AM Joker? AM I RIGHT!? would it not be right if i didnt bear my face?
  8. You Stole My Freaking Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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