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  1. yeah I know what you mean by that actually. My parents and I go at it almost every day and it sucks
  2. thtas lif in my house and i agree with you i always will have a reason for wat i do though
  3. well i didnt come home for 2 days cuz one i needed a brake from everyone at my house two my freinds didnt want me too leave so late
    then my dad decides when im home that i ran away and gets in my face saying hes going to beat my ass so i was going to beat the **** out of him and possibly kick him out the house since he doesnt evan live there
  4. i got grounded cuz i wasnt home for 2 days and when i did get home it it was at 3 in the morning
    plus i almost beat the shit out of my dad after i woke up
  5. yeah im grounded from the computer know cuz of this weekend and was lectured by ppl younger than me people older than me and people i dont evan know
  6. some have sorta but they are still cinfused lol but thats how i work when they find out i confuse them to the point they think its all wrong hahah i think its funny
  7. well its the only time i got to do insane stunts cuz i could use getting of my roof as an excuse
  8. when im doing insane stunts its ussually when i get done fixing things like yesterday i fixed the swamp cooler
  9. yeah i know how that is im always up to a lot i mean for a change ima take a brake and just chill instead of fixing things lol
  10. pissed or happy wat about you how have you been doing
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