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  1. hey wats up how have you been lately i havnt heard from you in a long time
  2. hey wats up how you been and is anything knew with you
  3. oh sorry i forgot to say its good up her..
    hows it in tranylvania
  4. yeah thats what i had to do too and then i only went for a min now she is mad at me for 1 reason and thats cuz she wanted me to choose her over someone thats ive known longer think of a sister and never betrayed me like her
  5. You're lucky! I can't skip my banquet... My friend said that I should be there... and when she says "SHOULD", it means that I HAVE TO be there... xD
    Btw how is the life in Las Vegas?

    P.S.Transylvania is the N-E part of Romania, in Europe...
  6. thank you and i skipped the banquet at my school well partly anyways i left after a few min of chilll'n and i live in nevada north las vegas
    i never heard of transylvania
  7. your lucky i still got my finals to do and ive been good wat down do you live in if you dont mind me asking
  8. its cool the same has been the same for me lol but yeah try and talk when you can alright
    so how you been
  9. hey wats up i havnt heard from you in a while how you been
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