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  1. hey how are things going have they gotten better for u since we last spoke?
  2. yeah it always does for a lil while im at the fireworks booth ready to work
  3. well ats up 2 u. well hope things get better 4 u.
  4. yeah thanks but no matter wat im not the type to sue so i wouldnt do that
    i would be a snitch if i did that and i would never be a snitch no matter how much i hate the guy
  5. well i hate 2 tell u 2 beat da crap out of him mayb u 2 should try talking and setting boundries and make sure ur parents and sister are around and u could even print up a document where u both sign so that if either of u goes against the agreement the other can sue.u'll also need some people to that's 18 or older to act as witnesses and it'll proabably b a good idea to record everything on video as more proof. but i'd look up everything i'm tell u before actually do it cuz i could b wrong.
  6. well mayb u 2 should try to talk ur problems out cuz ur sis could end up marrying him then u'll have 2 get along wit him. mayb there's a hidden reason for him messin with u.
  7. haha nice i kinda am getting into fights with my sisters man cuz he acts stupid and called me out in front of my house
  8. good as i can be
    hope everything gets better for you
  9. sorry i've had a lot goin on later. so how have u been?
  10. hey how have you been
    i have not heard from you in a while
    im starting to miss you again X)
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