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  1. It is mine, But sherlock is a fukin wanker and is trying to block Youtube for Ireland
    Let's hope I stay..
    And do you like musicals? ;D I really like them.. Some are cheezy
    But you know ☼.☼.. Cheezy can be good
  2. hey is this ur youtube , the song is cool
    Me likely ❤
  3. I don't know how I did that. I just put link in there and it just did that
  4. No it's fine I'm not a conservative either
    She doesn't force it on me..
    Btw how did you make those words link to youtube?
  5. *laughts* wow , my parents r not conservatives (hope dosen't kill u off )
  6. My mom is really conservative and backwards ;3
    She would never play a video game xD
    If she even knows what they are
  7. Yeah , My step mom luv that game (fangirling mother)
  8. No, I don't have any game system
    I don't know what that game is either xD
    But is it alot of craic?
  9. Hey do u play Video games
    Me not realy
    if u do r u getting mass effect 3
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