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  1. No it's fine xD!
    Sorry I had to leave quickly earlier..
    Went to a chipper to eat ;3
  2. Im black sheep on my mother side of the family
    God I love that song Black sheep
    Sorry for talking to much
  3. I hate seeing people die.. But seeing anime people die is fine !
    ;3.. that may be why..
  4. XxxHolic is my #1 anime of all time
    I'm big fan of horror but hate horror movies . ( do not know y)
  5. I am too, I'm mainly friends with just my cousin and few people from a manga store I go to often ;3
    I work/volunteer there xD.. I say work they say volunteer -.-.. But i'm getting a job soon there!
  6. Im very shy. I really don't talk to lot people
    I talk people online or people I'm cool with
  7. I should make a list! ..
    It would be like #15 on mine.. I've watched
    A TON of anime xD and read many many mangas!
    What's your #1?
  8. Yes and I love it
    Hell girl is number 7 on my list
  9. Haha, no i'm a girl too..
    Yaoi is a girls genre cause
    The artwork is just soo cute >.<!
    And theres double the boys ;3
  10. Hey are you a boy or a girl. Im girl
    You what be cool if I know a guy who like yaoi
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