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  1. Hey you... it's been awhile since we last talked... I hope your doing okay.. Let me know

  2. hey girl whats up wanna know how i feel towards u
    then listen 2 a song call akon right now
    pls i miss u so much it hurts
  3. .. I read it...
  4. heartbrake/ dunno anymore hey girl pls read and reply
  5. It's your decision as to what you decide to do with your life. If you want to take it away, do so.. if you don't, then stop saying you are going to. I know that I mean A LOT to you and I know that I am hurting you.. I don't like it but i'm just fed up playing games with people. I don't want to hurt you Jev, I never wanted to and you should know this but ask yourself if I am really worth it.. You never know what the future holds.. Maybe your taking away the chance of your own happiness.. have you thought about that?
  6. im crying should i or shouldent i u just mean 2 much 2 me its hurts so back
    ive been stuffed up all my life now u do it 2 me i just dont know
  7. ... It's not worth it. Jev, i'm living with someone i care very much about and you can believe what you want, think what you want but your no different than any other guy for trying to manipulate my emotions to get what you want. If you want to kill yourself, do it but it's not worth it. I'm tired of playing games.
  8. Nah Im Gone Good Bye Tell Me Why I Shouldent U Dont Care U Dont Love Me
  9. Jev No! Don't! I'm single but i'm not.. it's complicated.. Jev please don't...
  10. GRRRR whatever ive beel bloody single 4 a long time
    and when i ask u if u was single u said u was
    so what the hell u know what i told u on msn im going 2 do RIGHT NOW
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