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  1. ... I'm kind of seeing someone right now.. And besides, i'm not stupid, your with someone and i am NOT going to get involved in anymore of that drama related crap...
  2. nah dont worry bout it its fine we can always be friends
    i understand
  3. O.o I never said we were "In" a relationship. >< we talked about it but i never fully gave you an answer..

    >< I'm sorry Jev.. I didn't mean to hurt you.. -looks down- I'm really sorry
  4. wow omg really u said we was in a realtionship or was it a lie
    ? thanx 4 hurting me
  5. as far as I knew, we had never hooked up...
  6. hey i miss u are we still 2gether
    what ya up 2 life is boring with out u
  7. ok my baby girl i love u 4 ever miss u like crazy 2
  8. hello... And rave always has pet names for me. ^^x.. I think he knows that I like it.
  9. hey girl how are u miss ya lots and why is rave grip calling u cutie
    just remember im urs and i love u
  10. hey just wanting 2 know WHY THE BLOODY HELL are u igoring me on the site and messanger
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