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  1. HEY! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! You havent been on TS for awhile... or your MSN...
  2. hey brother sup how r u
    miss ya little bro
    howb was ur day
  3. Crap. Hey, I'll be on MSN man. I'll be up all night.
  4. yo brother sorry man just been on msn n getting ready 4 school n stuff
  5. Yo! Where the heck have you been the past 2 days?? lol. Stayed up till 3am waiting for ya! lol.
  6. Hey man! Its been forever!! My cell is 530 313 3113. so yeah. you can call me or txt me.
  7. hey man thanks 4 the invite i would love 2 join
    man take care thanks 4 everything u have done 4 me
    chat soon man
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