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  1. hey man thats ok i understand take care stay safe B kool
    lol what do u do 4 work
  2. oh, well im not that commited here really...
    and ill prolly be loggin on a lot less now that im working = /
  3. just asking would u limke 2 be my bro on anime site
    cuase ive known u 4 a long time anywho i gotta go nowbye bye take care
  4. um, im not sure i understand wat ur asking o.o
    could you like elaborate a bit?
  5. hey ROOK r u ok dont worry bout dat bloody thing just wanted 2 know would u
    accept as a older brother on here
  6. hey buddy whats up how are u its been a long time since we have chatted pm me it u want 2 talk
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