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  1. Oh cool sounds like fun! I just really can't wait until Christmas and be with my bf its going to be so nice.
  2. I'll probably just go out with friends and/or play videogames.
  3. Yeah, its been cold over here also not much ice thou. The sun comes out and melts some of the snow here. So it isn't to bad over here. So what are you doing this weekend? I'm just going to hangout with my bf Roger.
  4. It's not bad I guess. The weather is disgusting right now though, I hate it. It's so cold and icy.
  5. Yeah, that is true so how is it living in Britain?
  6. It does seem a lot different in some respects, school being the biggest one.
  7. Oh okay so you live in britain then so everything there might be diffrent.
  8. No, it's just how the British system works. Compulsory school is age 5-16, you can also stay on at school until 18 if you choose, or move onto college and later university.
  9. Oh did you start early or something how is that so?
  10. I'm in 10th grade. Although here we finish/graduate when we're 16, haha.
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