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  1. Lol yeah. My brake starts on the 23rd and then we go back on the 3rd. I just can't wait to finish school and graduate. I graduate may 29, 2011 I wish it would hurry and come. So what grade are you in?
  2. I think my break starts in two weeks or so. I don't know why I bothered going back haha.
  3. Oh yeah! I love when we get out of school early or just don't have to. That's always good. I just can't wait till Christmas brake!
  4. That happens here too. But we also have these bank holidays, which...I don't really understand but it's a free day off school. As if I haven't had enough of those already, haha. I only went back last week after almost 6 months away, and now I'm sick again.
  5. Yeah Halloween would be my 3rd fave it is a fun holiday. I do enjoy it! Well we get out of school on holidays so we can spend it with our friends and family and some staff (teachers and who ever) get out well some do. So that would be why mainly.
  6. I don't actually know all that much about holidays. We have days off from school for certain things, but I don't get why. Oh, I forgot Halloween. Halloween is fuuuuun.
  7. Yeah well I am very into the whole romance thing and I'm all about love so that's why Valentines day would be my fave next to Christmas cause Christmas is all about love and sharing and caring. It is good to take part in some of the things even small ones.
  8. Aww <3 I've never done anything for Valentines day. The only holidays I actually take part in are birthdays and Christmas.
  9. Yeah, I do enjoy Christmas. Its one of my fave holidays. my fave holiday would be Valentines day. ^_^
  10. I try that most of the time, but there's so many different shows I get lost. Do you enjoy Christmas?
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