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  1. Your welcome! Yeah I am spending with his family and mine to I am just staying with him the whole time. Lol yeah I understand that I too have a short attention span lol. If an anime don't interest me I just tune out and just forget it and look for something ealse to watch.
  2. I'll be okay. Thanks You're so lucky. I just have to spend Christmas with my family. I've watched a little Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh, but the others I haven't. I have a short attention span, so the really really long shows just don't interest me.
  3. Oh sorry to hear that I hope you get well soon! I am good thanks I am looking foreword to Christmas brake! I am spending it with my bf Roger. Well my fave anime would be Naruto. Other then that I like romance anime. Anime that I am into so far would be naruto-bleach-death note-inuyasha-vampire knight-pokemon-sailor moon-Yugioh-Yu Yu Hakusho-Kenichi and some others.
  4. I'm okay. I'm off school sick though and am bored. How are you? I mostly like action-y and comedy shows like Rune Soldier and Getbackers, among others. What about you, what are you into?
  5. Hello Kimiko! How are you today? What kind of anime are you into? anyways I hope we can be friends.
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