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  1. i have 2 more hours until i get out of school..................... and that is good you can just go to the nurse when you need medication
  2. Most of my medicine is prescribed to me, so I'm allowed to have it in school, but it gets really tedious as the nurse's office is on the opposite side of the school to where I'm normally in.
  3. oh that's stupid i think its the same way here but i don't have a prescription i take Advil and you can get that at the store not by a doctor
  4. I guess it's to stop drug sale or something. You can have them here, but you have to show a prescription for them and they have to be held by the school nurse.
  5. no i don't i have to wait till get home and yes it is banned here at school and i don't know why
  6. Aw. Do you have any medication for it? Or is that banned in school like it is here?
  7. yeah me too i have a head ache..........................
  8. It's no problem. I like seeing people happy, haha.
  9. ok i hope there wont be any rough patches and thanks i hope me and stay strong okay thanks again
  10. Well there might be rough patches, but if you both stay strong they'll go by without much trouble.
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