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  1. i never give up anything and thanks i hope nothing does go wrong with me and him
  2. As long as you don't give up, everything will be fine.
  3. for almost a month or two and yeah it is because i always wishes he was beside me...
  4. he will be meeting me for the first time but me and him knows what each other look like so that's a good thing
  5. Aw. Have you been together long? A distance relationship seems really tough.
  6. yeah i don't get to see him because i live in Ohio and he lives in new Mexico but he is looking for a job so he can get the money to come over here and visit me
  7. I live in England, so that explains it, haha. & that's cute, that your boyfriend likes the same things as you.
  8. it is 11:02 here now and i have no idea how that would work if it is past 4PM i wish my bf was on he goes by Trojan man on here
  9. Neat. What time is it now? It's just past 4PM here.
  10. i am in school right now but at 11:17 i have to get off here and go to lunch but at 11:55 or 11:56 i will be back on
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