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  1. Of course, you may add me on your friend list if you will like.
  2. yeah sorry about that.... where you live is the capital.... can i add u as a friend
  3. It's not rural, Pyongyang is our biggest city, so very modern! To manage family and work and relax it's not easy. I use to work far on the south in Kaesong (where I get my name) but now I begin a new job closer to my home in Pyongyang, so is easier now. Sometime on my day off I visit internet cafe and look at AO. It's a challenge, but makes life interesting!
  4. mind if i add you? and how in the world do you manage family, work, and your personal life all together? and on top of that , how do u manage to spend ur time in AO?
  5. wow so u r from north korea, how is life there is it rural, because i spent 1 month in rural vietnam and it was quite exciting!!
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