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  1. i just got approved for lowes,barring drug test. i dont do drugs so iz a slam dunk!
  2. no.but i need one.maybe ill work at target.
  3. yep, i mean, hey six months aint 2 long. i just have 2 be patient and go with da flow. u got a job?
  4. that sucks you got denied...well better luck next time right?
  5. thanx man, but it turns out they denied me, so i have to wait freakin SIX MONTHS before i can try again to get in! im gonna try and get a job at walmart here, but if i dont get one quick, ill be back to my ma's or to a friends in cali. either way ill have 2 work a job that is not at the top of my list, by any means.
  6. well if you want to go that bad well i guess that sucks for you to have to thats cool though that we have alot of people that want to join.i would join but ide be HELLA a wimp i know.thats why i got respect for the people that do join the army
  7. heheh, that sounds like somthin i would do.... ah well, greatminds think alike, as the saying goes! yea , but the army is takin a while so its a waiting game right now. i REALLY cant wait tho!
  8. the army?good for you.well i cant get on much either cuz ive got a broken computer and i have to sneak on my sisters laptop
  9. hey anon, nothin much. srry no posting, i have an erratic online schedule right now. it might get worse cause im going into the army soon. but hey wassa wit u?
  10. hey long time no talk...whats up ?
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