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  1. btw have u been reading bleach lately? ihci has definitely gone arrancar mode.
  2. the new shipuuden yeah i wanted it bad .
  3. hey anonmous have u checked the game out yet? i cant wait for the next one! u know its gonna have sasori's true form and maybe a side story for sasuke.
  4. it came out wednesday and ive already beat it totally! unlocked all characters and pwnd master and hero mode aka campaign and 1st season, respectively. still tons of fun, but master only goes to the fight against itachi, no farther.
  5. oh nice when does that come out ?
  6. the 1 on ps2, Naruto UN 4 Shippuden. u get 2 c chiyo, sasori, and deidara for the 1st time. btw deidara is a chick, she just hides it well.
  7. wait a sec which one cuz storm and the broken bond is out
  8. thnx, ill try to find it, btw have u got the new naruto game? i do and its SWEEEEEEEET!!!
  9. I'm not Shure but it was some place on the Internet.
  10. thats a cool avatar, anonymous, where did u get it?
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