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  1. Blargh! -Takes what is left of my cookie away from Jyn and shoves it in mouth as I stalked his character- (Is predator) Nyaaahahahahahaaaaaa!
  2. -drops down in other beanbag grabs cookie away and jumps into the game with.- nya-nya! my cookie now! time to beat down some aliens!
  3. LOL -pulls own cowl over face- May the force be with you. XDXDXDXD -jacks a cookie and lands in a beanbag in the game room and starts to play Aliens vs. Predators for X-Box- Mwahahahahaaaa!!!!
  4. wierd is good. real good. (pulls creepy black cowl up over my head) so good of u 2 join the wierd side. the cookies are on the table, games in the back.
  5. Ha, meep backwards. Peem. I like to say meep because it sounds weird to me. Haha, meep. It's weird to say it in my head as I type. Also, it lengthens my messages. XD
  6. blargh! frasserrasserhasser...(just something to lengthen the message) y do u say meep? peem.
  7. Ooooh. Ok, I get it. Meep. (Blargh!!!! *is thinking of more to say but cannot. Hah, I did!*)
  8. (yea, i know, i hate it 2) it lets me put some better hints 2 background for the char. and expand the reader's attachment 2 the char.
  9. Nya, how so? Meep????? ?? ?? ? (Blargh! Stupid too short message thing....)
  10. interesting... that puts a whole new spin on her background and also her relationships with the other char.
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