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  1. Lol, idk, I'm just writing like I would a story. It's kind of a subconcious thing. Blair is mainly a character who has not had any contact of actual intelligent beings in a while (saying just about 500 years or so. The Syth's that she sees are normally copies). She doesn't really know how to conduct herself socially. Meep.
  2. yea, o btw, r u trying to turn our 2 char. into love interests? i have no objections, im just wondering.
  3. Lol. well, all you can do is just keep trying. I hate it though, how it is so difficult at times because if I come up with something good, I just end up having to change the something that was hard to come up with in the first place. Meep.
  4. hehe, i know what u mean. im still not finished with the first chapter yet. im trying to figure a way to get all 4 good char. in the same area in a plausible way. needless to say, i got a slow going.
  5. Lol, it's tough trying to come up with a title for stories, especially if you don't take it out of the story directly. I'm still thinking of some names. lol, I'm not very quick at deciding. >.<
  6. ideas r good. all i have is since they're probably going to be a trilogy, BloodLust, BloodRage and BloodWar. but those r just guess, not set in stone at all. i dont even know how im going to work the story to explain those titles!
  7. Lol 'peeps', sorry, well, I'm still debating on some titles, I haven't really thought of any but I have ideas. Meep.
  8. so any ideas on the name? ive tried writing other stories but i usaully get stuck on some part in the middle. im good with beginnings and endings but middles hit hard. that wont happen on this one since its being written by 4 peeps.
  9. Pretty good! I like it so far. I'm interested to see how it turns out. It's genius! XD
  10. well it will be how we post. so far it looks exactly like action romance revenge cross. i really want to make it a series like those young adult books, size like goosebumps but a bit bigger, but i dont think it will stay that small especially with my last post. it will probably end up as a trilogy, with the fight against syth in the first, kreon in the second, and the daemon-to-be-named-later in the third. so whats ur take on it?
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