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  1. When you write it, what will be the storyline? Will it be romance and action, revenge? Something like that? For your idea, give me a brief summary of what you want to turn the story into. Meep. Then I could help you with the title. ^-^
  2. kool, thnx, btw i will probably need help for it and i would happily accept any and all advice. first i was what the book should be called. i was thinking something with blood in it, but i dont know really.
  3. Sure, I don't mind at all. ^-^ Alter it as you see fit. Meep.
  4. actually, if u accept my last post as it is, i would like that to be the end of the first chapter, and have the start of it just before when i came in.
  5. Sure! I wouldn't mind at all! ^-^ Actually, our RPing has given me ideas for a book of my own! That be great and if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to read what you compile. So, go ahead. ^-^
  6. welcome back! i was wondering if u would be willing to let me compile the daemon rpg into a sort-of book. all i would do would be to copy and paste, and alter it a little bit to be more story-wise. i wont start until we get farther, if u do agree.
  7. Hiya! How are you today? Sorry I was gone so long but I was on spring break. Meep.
  8. Alrighty then. Meep. Don't be surprised if I don't answer on saturday or sunday, I don't usually get on those days.
  9. thanx ill post it either 2mrrw or sunday. expect it then.
  10. If you become a wanderer, you can be any race. You do not necessarily have to be a Daemon or a Vampyre.
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