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  1. oh yeah that's really cool go ahead that sounds like it could be really good i cant wait to hear it
  2. actually i was going to ask if it was alright to use ur char. in the book im writing on the rpg of blair's. i already asked her if i could and she said it was alright with her. if u dont want 2 i can replace urs with a make-shift character, so if u dont its ok, please dont feel compelled to agree.
  3. lol i will belive you lol hows it going????????????? lol
  4. hyuck-hyuck-hyuck, peppe le pew in the altar! i can outdo any one in the random department!lol!
  5. sandals and dominoes with socks and pepperonie lol thats better lol
  6. (in creepy high-pitched voice) may the fires lick the flesh from ur tomatoes! hows that for random lol?
  7. lol i was scared at first abouit that comment lol but i am good now and yes i guess you could say i am a self proclaimed witch lol dont burn me!!!!!!!!
  8. oh. a wiccan... now i cant talk to u anymore. JOKE!!! seriously tho, a wiccan, huh? ive known a few self-proclaimed witches, saying the were pagans and wiccans and what have u, but few actually commit to either black or white.
  9. mega lol i dont go to church cus i am not religiuos well i say i am not but really i am a wiccan but most wont talk to me knowing that lol i love game stop tho
  10. i dont get out at all... im taking care of my grandmother sometimes and others i just dont go anywhere, 'cept church or gamestop. oh wait, isnt the same thing?lol
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