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  1. i'll try but i have 3jobs so i mite be gone for a lil at a time
  2. thnx, and dont worry, ur char. can be evolved easily enough and u dont have 2 do anything. ill take care of the gritty details, u just have 2 keep posting!
  3. hmmmmm i see then do as u wish not that i will be a very good character to base off of but do as u please
  4. yes it is character. i got permission from blair 2 write a story of it and i wanted to get ur permission for it. it will be a joint effort between me and blair, and i just thought that it would be a unique way to write. u dont have to alter ur posts in any way. i will change it just enough to make it more book-like, but no more than necessary, and not so much it becomes more my character than urs. u will get credit for ur character.
  5. what is a char???? i do meen character??? and by use what is it that u meen i have never playd en rpg ? can u tell me a lil more?
  6. hey beauty, i want to ask if it is alright to use ur char. in the book im writing on the rpg of blair's. i already asked her if i could and she said it was alright with her. if u dont want 2 i can replace urs with a make-shift character, so if u dont its ok, please dont feel compelled to agree.
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