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  1. Nothing much. Glad to hear that you are almost done with your school. I just need a few more months of callege and I am done so I have to go back and finish that up and then I can get my AA digree.
  2. hi what is new with you to do so school is almost over
  3. Nothing really, as I said, the only thing new is that I am being moved to a new building with in my work.
  4. Thank you very much there Kagoma. I am sure I will be with the right girl sooner or later.
  5. I am doing fine. Just a bit confused right now at work because I am being moved to a new facility. Any ways thats great to hear and I wish the two of you the best of luck.
  6. hey what is new with you today by the way i have a boy friend yay is name is AstralMage01
  7. My day is alright so far. As for where I work, well, I am a drafter/engineer and work for the compeny the creates the Predator, Reaper, Sky Warrior, and Avenger UAVs (or drones as most people call them) for the airforce, military, and border patrole. But I only help work on the Predator and Reaper.
  8. hi i'min history where do you work at so how is your day
  9. Not much fun really, waking up at 5:00am isant all that fun. Hopefully I will be able to bang out the last bit of my work that I have.
  10. so what have you been doing today any thing new or fun
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