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  1. ok people said that college is a lot harder then high school i am not that good at art why
  2. dnt no ive never bin 2 high school im doin art and design i find certain bits hard but it all depends how good u r at art
  3. ok cool is college harder then high school ????????
  4. aww i ent bin up up 2 much mostly college and watchin anime and hangin out wid m8s
  5. good nothing much just been sick what about you ok
  6. hey how r u what u bin up 2 u bin watchin any new anime
  7. Feburary 23 and no i dont have a face book sorry............................................. ....
  8. wens your b day do u ave face book i do add me if u do mines Matthew liam taggart
  9. nothing just cant wait til i turn 19 and im 18 now and not much got to go ttyl bye
  10. yh i want be friends owz u what u bin up 2 i ent bin up 2 much just college
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